The R&D Dashboard

In response to the eGov Act of 2002 Section 207, the R&D Dashboard beta web site provides an initial look at U.S. Federal Investments in Science and Research from two agencies; the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) from years 2000-2009. The R&D Dashboard will expand in a future iteration to include ALL federal research and development spending and expanded information on outputs.

What's available

The information presented reports data on the grants issued by the Federal government to research institutions (“investments”), and the publications and patent activity produced by researchers funded by those investments (“outputs”). The site reports “where” investments have been made at the state, congressional district and research institution. In addition, the site provides information on “what” investments have been made by providing the user the ability to select topic areas at the same geographic levels of detail.

This is a Beta Site

The R&D Dashboard is a beta site and feedback is welcome. Please direct comments or questions to our contact page.

Sample View - Search of Ohio Research Institutions and Grant activity by Institution